Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CRM Form Types

Is the user creating a new record?
crmForm.FormType == 1

Is the user updating an existing record
crmForm.FormType ==2

Is the user unable to update this record?
crmForm.FormType == 3

Is this record deactivated?
crmForm.FormType == 4

Is the user using the Quick Create form?
crmForm.FormType == 5

Is the user using the Bulk Edit form?
crmForm.FormType == 6

What is the unique ID for this record?
= crmForm.ObjectId

What type of record is this?
= crmForm.ObjectTypeCode

What type of record is this (Entity Name)?
= crmForm.ObjectTypeName

Is the user using the Outlook Client?

Is the user using the Outlook Light Client?
crmForm.IsForOutlookLightClient == true

Is the user working On line?

Have any fields in this form been changed?


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