Thursday, August 26, 2010

Declare Global Access Level functions in MS CRM Form.

Global functions in MS CRM Form.

The way CRM adds the javascript to the page, any function defined in the onload event will only have a local scope and can only be called from within the same onload event. However, if you put the function on the window object, then it should have global scope:
window.MyCustomFunction = function() { ... }

And then you should be able to call the function from an onchange event.

// function name = MyCustomFunction
window.MyCustomFunction = function() {
    alert("My Global Level Function");

1. Go to MS CRM -> Customisations -> Customise Entity -> Choose Entity -> Form and View
2. Go to OnLoad()
3. Put the above fucntion onLoad() // Should be first statment.
4. Go to OnSave()
5. Call this function, MyCustomFunction();
6. When you try to save the entity record this fucntion will get executed.

Hope you enjoy this tip.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A simple definition of Windows Azure

Here is an interesting video that’s informative as well. It’s Friday evening after all , so chill out and enjoy this really nice & simple video that Steve Marx created to explain “What is Windows Azure?” with simple terms and hand drawn sketches.

Now that was a great, wasn’t it. Hope you like this video.