Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To view and refresh data, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook must be installed

When trying to export data from CRM to a dynamic pivot table you receive the following message: “To view and refresh data, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook must be installed”, although the CRM Outlook client has already been installed and CRM is added to the Trusted Sites.

To resolve this issue follow the steps below.

1. Click on the cell which contains the message “To view and…”

2. Click on Connections [from DATA Tab]
It will open a Connection Window.

3. Click on Refresh [from Connection Window]

Now, the data will appear in the data sheet.

Happy import / export !!!!!

MS CRM 2011 Beta - CallerOrigin in Plugins is no more !!!

CallerOrigin has been removed in CRM 2011 Beta.

According to Experts, since the CRM 4 implementation was neither extensible nor reliable\secure. The recommendation is to not rely on caller origin when you extend business logic in the server (since it is easy for a client to spoof this data)

If you absolutely need it and can guarantee \ do not care about spoofing, create a custom field and pass additional origin info from the client.

Please note that we have a new property isOfflinePlayback in PluginContext to identify if a plugin was triggered as part of the Offline Playback.

Please have a look at the IExecutionContext. It has below properties:1. IsExecutingOffline
2. IsOfflinePlayback

For more information you can see in the CRM 2011 Beta Sdk. Topic = "IExecutionContext Members "

Hope it helps.

MS CRM 2011 Beta - Number of Tabs = 100

In MS CRM 4.0, there is a limit of 8 tabs for every entity. 

According to CRM 2011 SDK, "Each form can include up to 100 tabs. Tabs are a vertical stack separating the body of the form. Tabs may be expanded or collapsed. Navigation links below the form selector provide access to tabs. The body of the form will scroll to display the selected tab."