Thursday, July 26, 2007

Application Mode and Loader.Aspx

Of course you've noticed that Microsoft CRM launches into a special Internet Explorer window that does not have the menu bar, address bar, toolbar, and so on. Microsoft CRM refers to this as the Application Mode, and it runs in this mode by default. Often, developers need these additional Internet Explorer features that application mode hides. You can launch Microsoft CRM in a standard Internet Explorer window by browsing to http://<crmserver>/loader.aspx.

Using the Loader.aspx page disables application mode for that single Web session. You can also permanently disable application mode for all users and all sessions by updating the Web.config file.

Disabling Application Mode
  1. On the Microsoft CRM Web server, navigate to \ (typically C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\).

  2. Open the Web.config file in Notepad (or any text editor).

  3. Look for the AppMode key, and change its value to Off.

  4. Save the Web.config file.

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