Monday, July 13, 2009

Crystal Report 4.6 - Error 20540; Missing or out of date Export DLL

I was happen to install Crystal Report 4.6. for one of my project. As soon as I call the Crystal Report via VB 6.0 Code, i got the below error -

Calling a report from an application using the Crystal Report Control (Crystl32.ocx) version 4.6 results in one of the following:
- not all of the export options are available - error 20540; Missing or out of date Export DLL.

If you are getting the same error as above please follow the below steps to resolve the issue:
Seagate Crystal Reports version 4.6 installs the Crystal export DLLs into the
\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools\REPORTS directory, rather than putting them in a Windows\Crystal, or Windows\system directory

This does not create a problem conducting an export from the Crystal Reports Designer,
From a Microsoft Visual Basic application, the export DLLs are not found.

Workaround:There are two ways around this:

1. Add the \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools\REPORTS directory to your Path statement so that the operating system searches that directory for needed DLLs.

2. Copy the export DLLs to the Windows\system directory. The export DLLs are the u2*.dll files.
Reference : Crystal Care Technical Support.

Isn't it easy !!! Happy Development.

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