Thursday, September 16, 2010

MS CRM 2011 Beta - Ribbon Example [Grid / Form / Subgrid] Example.

I've started playing with Ribbons in MS CRM 2011 Beta.

Attached the code which creates below:
1. Custom Tabs
2. Custom Multiple Groups
3. Multiple Buttons in each group.
4. Pass values from Button click to Javascript.

Please download the code from the below link.

Hope this will help. Please let me know if you help.


Junmore said...
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Junmore said...


After spending a day to discover this ribbon button, I now managed to create a Home-Grid-Button & change its properties enable/disable based on a return value from Jscript.



If I would like to change the button invisible instead of disable the functionality, it seems cannot be done. Because the only valid in but not . Do you encounter this problem before? thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the code, but next time, could you put the code up on Sky Drive or some other free download site? The one this .zip file was uploaded to had a ton of pop-ups and spyware.