Sunday, February 3, 2008

MS CRM 4.0 Plugins not working

If you are working with the default Plugin sample which is shipped with MS CRM 4.0 SDK, unforunately if it doesn't work then simple regenerate the Strong Name Key (snk).

1. Open the Sample Plugin Solution.
2. Right Click on the Solution -> Properties.
3. Click on "Signing" Tab (look at Left Navigation Bar).
4. Select "New" from "Strong name key file dropdown"
Enter "SamplePluginKey" in Name text box
uncheck "Protect my key file with a password"
Click on "OK"
Click on "Yes" which it asks for replacing the existing strong name key file.
5. Save All Files.
6. Compile the Solution.

Here you are all set to go :)
Isn't it simple ?

Comments are most welcome !!!!!!!!

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Pratima said...

Thank you so much Ranjit. It helped me in figuring out what was going wrong with my plug-in since I believed my logic was right. :)